How to Activate the New Publishing feature

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Benefits of the New Publishing feature

  • Live and Draft statuses: never accidentally implement a draft tree in production again. New statuses provide more clarity on the publishing process and introduce a protected draft state.
  • Live tree updates: keep track of your tree's status in real-time. Avoid mistakes and manage changes, even when auto-save is enabled.
  • Preview Link: avoid surprises for end-users. Previously known as Development Link, this allows you to share draft trees with colleagues before pushing changes to live trees.
  • New deployment setup: bid goodbye to post-publishing confusion. Easily integrate your trees into CRMs, contact centers, webpages, or Zingtree Agent Portal.

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What do I have to do?

Depending on how your Trees are deployed, the effort involved will range from none to minimal!

In general, any Zingtree Tree ID in your Production environment just needs to have three zeros added to the end:

  • Example: 123456789000

Click a section to see specific instructions:

Update Tree IDs in a CRM

In a CRM like Salesforce, Freshdesk or Zendesk:

  • Just add "000" to Tree IDs in your Production Environment
    • Example: 123456789000
  • Optionally, you can use the Preview Tree ID in a Sandbox environment to preview your changes before going live
    • Example: 123456789

Update Tree IDs in the Zingtree Agent Portal

If you use Agent Portal, the New Publishing feature will work with it automatically. There's nothing you'll need to do.

Updates in an Embedded Web Page

Replace the tree link found within your embed code with the new /live version:

  • Example:

Updates in a Standalone Zingtree Hosted Page

Replace your Zingtree link with your new /live URL shown in your publishing menu wherever users are accessing it:

  • Example:


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