Final Node Session Result

The final node session result option lets you have insight into how your users are finishing a session. You can set a result on any node of your tree that can be used to determine if an individual session ended as a success or a failure. 


When to set a Final Node Session Result

  1. Consider the nodes where you think a session might end as the very last node visited by the end user.
  2. Set a result as either Success or Failure. You can leave all other nodes as In Progress. A successful result may be one where a sale is made, a troubleshooting session is resolved, or a process was followed as expected. A failure result may be one where the end-user left before the process was finished, or a sale was not made. The definitions of Success or Failure are up to you and your policies.

How to set a Final Node Session Result

  1. On any nodes that might be a potential endpoint, set the result by scrolling to the bottom of the editor for that node. Expand the Final Node Session Result section to set Success or Failure.
  2. You'll notice a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon is placed on the node while in list view. Like this:

Where to find the Results

Once you have set up your Final Node Session Results in your trees, these Usage Reports will show you the thumbs-up and the thumbs-down:

  • Session List Report
  • Results Report
  • All Agent Usage
  • Agent Sessions
  • All Trees Session List


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